Juan Montemayor, the explorer, illustrated.

By Lena Yau

Translation: Elisa Montemayor

Juan Montemayor looks like an illustrated character that traveled in a time machine to land in Caracas today.

He is passionate about learning, full of enthusiasm for anything that involves knowledge and language.

He studied architecture: his hands traced on models, projects, layouts.

Translated ideas into lines then lifted as buildings.

Centuries ago, he could have devised a beautiful cathedral.

Today, a swift running pencil on paper is like an airplane searching upwards towards its dreams.

Explorers sailed abroad with botanicals. In each port an expert touched down, took samples, named and drew each one of them and loaded the boat with copies and information to be processed upon it’s return.

In one of those trips, sweet peppers reached other lands. People learned to face their heat and incorporated it into their meals.

Juan looked at the plants. What do these sweet peppers have to say? What can sweet peppers sing? Why are they not present in our everyday tablecloths?

And as Goethe and Wittgenstein studied the color, Montemayor studied the heat.

Looking at the Scoville scale he realized that heat, warmth, color and mood were braid and translatable into notes.

With a cauldron ahead of him, he got down to business: calibrate every aspect of the sweet chilli pepper to make it sound cantatas on the tip of the tongue.

The sweet and acid fruits made the variations.

The mixture of sweet peppers with exponential rise in heat felt suitable for experienced acute sensitivities.

Pure, earthy, sweet chili pepper paste tells stories about our grandmothers and great grandmother’s meals.

Sweet carrots and their porosity make us smile at the sunshine of the yellow sweet pepper.

The plum mixed with spicy wood gives us a frond on the palate.

Each jar of Montemayor chilli peppers is like edible music.

Each jar of Montemayor chilli peppers is a story about to be told: The title reads in the label.

When you unscrew the cap, a fairy flies out with the aromas and the palate is left to narrate.

Juan Montemayor is a demiurge of daring, crackling and expressive flavors.

He knows the secrets of the gods: Names, steals the fire, seals it in a glass jar and offers it to all those who have a passion for the cheerful spark on the tongue’s tip.

The number of Montemayor chillies is like a rainbow full of color, rhythm, temperature, taste , history and letters.

A work that encompasses wisdom, elegance and taste.

And as a good illustrated explorer, Juan continues to travel with his samples.

Happiness is often times a suitcase.

Especially, if it has Montemayor chilli peppers an in it.


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